Over 90% of profitable consumer purchases and bookings start from a search engine query. Optimizing your business website to rank high on Google, Bing, and other search engines can put your website right in front of customers seeking your products or services online. We understand that many small and medium-sized business owners don’t have the time to perform regular SEO tweaks or learn the best practices. If you are a busy store owner or digital marketer, you can use these 5 practical tips to improve today’s website ranking.

1) Speed up your website

Customers don’t have the luxury and time to wait for your slow homepage to load. Google will also pick on this and punish you when your page speed is slow. Not only does a slow page load time push your rankings down, but it can also harm your user experience. Web visitors will exit your website if it takes longer to load. Over 50% of mobile users usually leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. Users who bounce off are unlikely to return, meaning you could potentially lose valuable traffic and sales.

Free tools such as Pagespeed Insights and Pingdom Website Speed Test can help you determine site speed and issues that could be slowing down your website. To speed up your website, compress images, minify CSS, and use file compression. It also helps to use a CDN and host your website at a reliable hosting service. If you have a WordPress site or Joomla site or Drupal site, remove any plugins or extensions that aren’t necessary.

2) Implement a link building strategy

Links are fundamental signals and search engines use them when scoring for search engine optimization. They also indicate to search engines what your website is all about, especially if you sell products or offer services online. While backlinking takes time and effort, it’s worth every penny. A sound link-building strategy is crucial for any growth strategy and can improve your organic search results. Strategic use of relevant links in your SEO can boost search engine ranking and increase your website’s authority in Google by driving referral traffic from other websites.

When starting out, you can increase the visibility and relevance of business websites by exploring opportunities of linking to authoritative websites. One way to do this is to create valuable content that other people will want to refer to. Remember to build internal links that connect one page to another on your website as well. Internal linking also simplifies navigation around your website, allowing for a better user experience.


3) Optimise alt tags

Images and videos on your website not only enhance the experience of visitors but also provides an excellent opportunity for optimization. Alt tags are alternative texts to the content of the video or image and help search engine bots or crawlers discover your website when someone performs a search for relevant keywords.

When creating alt text for your visual content, make sure the text is useful, informative, use appropriate keywords, and is in context to the page content. Avoid filling alt attributes with keywords (stuffing) as it can result in a negative user experience that can cause search engines to view your website as spam. Images do appear in search queries especially Google Search and optimizing them is a smart digital marketing strategy.

4) Create valuable content

Content is an important piece of the SEO puzzle. Fresh, unique, and relevant content is one of the critical ranking factors. The best practice is to create content that adds value to the reader, not to fill up a blank page. You can produce different types of SEO content such as:

High-quality content can encourage your audience to take the desired action – sign up for a newsletter or make inquiry calls – or whatever your marketing campaign calls for. With time, good content will also improve your web visibility and attract quality traffic to your websites. Your website can also attain higher rankings provided you use a primary keyword long tail keywords, and outbound links. When you create valuable content, you also increase your authority as a niche or industry leader and this will make other people want to link back to your website. Remember to add an SEO title and meta description to each page so it can get indexed for search engine results.

5) Use social media channels

While Google considers having a social media channel alone won’t directly impact your organic rankings, evidence suggests that social signals from a channel are influential. More shareability and increased visibility across social media generate likes and shares that create social signals that can:

There are various ways to use social media to improve SEO. You can post regularly on your blog and embed share buttons on each post so people can share your content. You can also organize a social media contest where people like and share your posts on their profiles. Don’t forget to mention or link back to other businesses that you have a partnership with or may find your posts useful. It also helps to engage directly with your audience. Keep an eye out for any comments or questions people leave on your posts and respond in good time.

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