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Tracking & Analytics for Chiropractors

As with almost every other business globally, chiropractors need to find new patients who continually need chiropractic service. Advertising and marketing efforts can often stall if they are outdated or do not target the right audience. Strategies that do not incorporate online marketing techniques are unlikely to generate the leads you need to find more patients needing chiropractic care.

So, online marketing for chiropractors is certainly a wise investment, but it is also important to know how well your tactics are working. That is where tracking and analytics come into play. Analytics, especially those offered through Google Analytics, is key to knowing exactly what your existing and potential patients are doing online, how they arrive at your website, and what is most important to them when it comes to navigating your website.

With Chiropractor Marketers, we can help your chiropractic clinic find out more about the movements of your patients on your website and what pages a patient visits online. We use that analytical data to improve your website through search engine optimization (on-page SEO and off-page SEO) and adjust your other marketing tactics such as Pay-Per-Click advertising.

What Is Tracking and Analytics for Chiropractic Services?

As you may know, your chiropractic website is the digital extension of your clinic. Even when you are not in the office, your website is open for business and available to all potential patients. They can learn more about you and your services and determine if you are the right chiropractor for their needs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could figure out what is most important to your patients and improve their user experience online?

Now you can!

With tracking and analytics, especially the data offered through Google Analytics, you can answer all of these questions and more. With analytics for your website, you can determine many different statistics about your patients when they visit your online presence. These stats include:

  • Which particular page is more popular than the others
  • The most common pathways that patients take to get to that popular page
  • How much traffic your website is bringing in general
  • The length of time that a patient spends on your website as well as on certain pages
  • Bounce rate – how quickly a patient leaves your site after visiting it
  • High bounce rates generally indicate that patients are not finding the information they need or come to your website by mistake from a source linked to you.
  • Which page is their “exit page,” meaning the last page they visit before leaving your website completely
  • How your patients are finding your website
  • Search engines
  • Other sites that link to yours
  • Typing your URL directly into the browser

All of the information may sound very technical, and you may be wondering how the data gathered from tracking and analytics may benefit your chiropractic care facility.

Why Do Chiropractors Need Analytics from Search Engines?

After gathering all of the necessary data from your analytics software, you now need to know what to do with that information. You must understand how to transform that useful data into practical applications that benefit your clinic. Here are some of the reasons why this analytical data is essential for your clinic:

Track Your Patients' Movements on Your Website

When you know your patients’ movements throughout your website, you can figure out what pages are most important to more patients than others. If you have a page on your website that is highly specialized and rarely gets visited, it is probably not the most useful page to have. However, if you find that your services page or a particular service page is visited with a high-frequency rate, you will want to ensure that the page has been optimized and user-friendly.

Find Out Which Pages Lead to Conversions

In any business, conversions are the goal. You want your potential patients to make the business decisions that lead to conversions. That may mean filling out a contact form, composing an email, or sending you a message. Whatever conversion activity is important to you, the pages which lead to conversions need to be emphasized and optimized for optimal conversions. Analytics will tell you which pages are your highest converters.

Figure Out What Pages Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a critical part of the online marketing process because it gets you noticed by a search engine like Google and your human users. Website optimization is critical, and it is wise to figure out which pages need the most optimization, especially if you want them to rank higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Determine If Online Reviews Are Getting You New Patients

Have your former patients left you reviews online? If so, are they driving website traffic? Reviews should influence a potential patient’s decision to contact you, and if the former patient reviews are not sending you leads, then something needs to be done to generate leads.

Integrate Tracking and Analytics Just Like Your Practice Management Software

Implementing tracking and analytics into your chiropractic marketing strategy is like integrating practice management software. You already use software to keep track of electronic medical records clinical data on your patients and automate key clinical activities that need to be done daily. This kind of software allows medical professionals to focus on the needs of their patients rather than the day-to-day activities, which may distract healthcare professionals from providing optimal patient care.

When you use tracking and analytics, it provides you with the same help. Analytics streamlines the process rather than sifting through jumbled information or simply hoping that any of your marketing strategies are working. It shows you your Google rankings, how often your contact page is used, and many other useful things.

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